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Sydney’s Sensual Kink Massage

A Sensual Erotic Kink Massage with the addition of kink. Want to turn things up and experience dirty talk, being spanked, and hair pulled, dominated, being tied up, told what to do and being a good submissive. This might be for you.
I am a skilled professional Master of BDSM (Bondage & Discipline; Domination / submission). Kink BDSM massage experience will have your whole being intensified by firing up you senses and totally blowing your mind and body.

The sensual Kink Massage For Women includes the Following –
A bottle of wine of your choice – Scented Aromatic Candles For Great Ambiance, Nice Fluffy Sheets And Towels –Great Selection Of Music That I Have Chosen For Your Background Sounds -- My Elite Very Comfortable Massage Bed, Special Organic Massage Oil and my BDSM Equipment, Rope – Hand Cuffs and Imagine Other Fun Equipment and A Secrete Gift For You Ongoing Pleasure...


60 minute teaser + Travel
90 minutes
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
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