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Intimate Treatments for Women

The month of September Women can experience a 1-hour Express Intimate Massage for A Special Rate


1.5-Hour Sensual Massage available on Tuesday Wednesdays only by Appointment only


Valid from 10 am to 3 pm daily 2019

This is a 1hr Express Massage only. Allow enough time before and after your session for the appointment.

Book now quoting Sensual Massage Special Rate

Call or text Nickolas on +61430776681 or email me your interest and a good time to have a Phone call



Afternoon Delight For the Executive Women -


Are you an executive woman who is overworked time-poor and the need to escape from that every day stressful grind called the office? Are you looking to Relax, Rejuvenate, distress and release stressful pressure, and to have some time out?


I have the solution you are looking for. I have designed a short and sweet Erotic Yoni Massage Session that will take you away from that everyday grind and take you on a journey of a stress-free, mind free, escape of a pleasurable sensual erotic yoni massage.

This is your opportunity to lye back kick off your heals shut down from the rest of the world for this short time out, in a relaxed stress-free environment and give yourself the time out you so deserve without having to do a thing. Wow ... Leave all the logistics
to me.


All you have to do is turn up kick off your heals get comfortable as you walk in to your luxury sanctuary of burning aromatic candle, soft music playing in the background a glass of wine waiting for as you are guided to sit back, relax as your feet are being caressed to prepare for your Relaxing Erotic Yoni Sensual Massages

Where will this take place?   
Your Afternoon Delight For Your Relaxing Erotic Yoni Sensual Massages is located in a Sydney hotel.

How to Book
All you have to do is Text Nickolas your inquire and answer a few questions...
1) what do you want to experience?
2) Have you got any kinks or fantasies?

Nickolas will take care of all the arrangements, which will be in a hotel in the Sydney CBD during the day between the hours of
10 am to 5 pm.

Nickolas will contact you ASAP to chat to you about your inquiry
and the details for your Relaxing Erotic Yoni Sensual Massages


Text Nickolas on +61430776681




Private Workshops

Private workshops can be tailored to accommodate and suit your specific requirements; they can be booked as an individual or couple session where you are personally taught how to give a sensual massage, including specific sensual and erotic arousal techniques, along with essential guidance on the psychology of arousal. You may have a volunteer that you can practice on or your partner. There are a few different options that you can choose from... the two-hour ‘Experimental Session’, the five-hour ‘Garment Session. The Private Massage Workshop can be a man to woman, woman to man, or woman-to-woman as well as couples learning together.


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