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WOW !!! incredible, stimulating, sensual, arousing that’s just for starters

I had a massage last night from Nickolas and just wanted to say a big thank you. It surpassed anything I could of dreamed of
Initially is was hesitant when a came across his website, it took me a week to get the courage to call and I’m not disappointed that I did.

Everything is explained prior to meeting and you are made to feel very comfortable and protected.

I would highly recomend this service and if your still hesitant don’t be it’s well worth it.

You won’t be disappointed do yourself a favour and discover what your body is capable of I did.

A very satisfied Cathy.


Thank you so much for a great evening!!! Feeling so good today!!!

What a night !!

As a woman experiencing this massage for the first time, many things went through my head. What will happen? What will he do? Can I really enjoy this? My husband arranged this for my birthday and all I can say is WOW!!!

From the first contact with nick on the phone to meeting him in person a good rappore was built. Nick has a great way of making you feel comfortable and he is so down to earth – yet very professional through out the whole session.

Nick made it possible for me to relax and go with the flow to what I was comfortable with the whole time. Nick showed me things that I didn’t know I would react to and I am definitely grateful for. The massage for women was something definitely worth experiencing.

Kind Regards,


As women we sometimes forget what is really important to us because we are so busy with work family and everything else that life throws our way. We get into a routine and forget about us. We forget about how we use to be sexual beings and what our body is trying to tell us. We become depressed and angry at times and we don’t know why until we as women look at the bigger picture. We love our family and friends but something is missing something that our body needs that we use to get when we where younger. A good sensual feeling like an orgasm that our partner doesn’t seem give us anymore so we fake it and move on. So instead of not doing anything about it do something and call Nickolas like I did and he made me feel special and rocked my body back into how I use to feel when I was in my 20’s. He is an amazing guy and I love his voice it’s sexy and gentle and made me feel very special and beautiful even though I don’t think I am but it worked we had an amazing time together. So all women out there who are sick and tied of not getting pleasure from there partners talk to Nickolas and take it from there.
Crystal – Sensual Overnight Encounter For Women


I have been married 20 years. My sex life is not anything special. I wanted to get the spark back. So that’s when I read Nickolas’s web site and thought that’s what I need. I called Nickolas and spoke to him about what problems I was having and if I could get my body feeling alive again. He was very good at listening to what I wanted to do. So I made a booking with him and he made me feel very comfortable and at ease straight away. We clicked so it made it easy. He is a wonderful guy and I loved every second I spend with him. He rocked my world and told me to love my body and try new things that I had never done. And how to touch and feel my body. It’s the best thing I have done in my life so I’m smiling and feeling alive again. So thank you Nickolas I will book you again soon .

Bella – Sensual Overnight Encounter For Women


When I contacted Nickolas I was on the brink of divorce, had had virtually no intimacy with my husband for 7 years and as I result my self confidence and self esteem was at a low.

I knew that I still loved my husband and felt he loved me too but somehow we could just not find our way back into our relationship and into each other despite having successfully had two children together! We had been through a number of unexpected tragic events since the birth of our second child which had undoubtedly impacted our relationship and intimacy and was partially why we had ended up where we were. Having previously tried counselling which had not helped I decided to explore other options and came upon Nickolas’ website. I nervously called Nickolas who immediately put me at ease by openly listening to my circumstances in a caring and empathetic way and then explained who he may be able to help me find myself again which in turn would help my husband and I to reconnect. After a number of reassuring conversations Nickolas and I finally met and had our first session together. The first session was a journey of awakening! Having been physically and sensually shut down for so long there was an enormous relief both emotionally and physically which Nickolas gently nurtured me through. Nickolas is very caring and very good at building trust which he understood was so important to do with me if I was to embark upon my journey. Nickolas managed to awaken my body and mind in every respect and suddenly I felt alive and glowing! In the days that followed my husband started to hug, kiss and caress me and we made love for the first time in years! My magnetism was amazing and continued throughout the month! My sense of calm, relaxation and happiness was unbelievable. My second session with Nickolas a month later was equally as amazing and one where I was able to experience a full physical expression of myself. Nickolas introduced me to as many new sensual experiences as he could to help me to engage and understand what I enjoyed and what my partner may enjoy as well. It was a totally mind blowing experience; sensual, loving and personalized to what I specifically needed to continue on my journey of rebuilding my marriage. It was wonderful to be made to feel so special and the center of attention. I walked away shining like a diamond! I felt amazing, relaxed and like the sensual woman I am! He has without a doubt brought my inner glow! Nickolas has an ability to put you totally at ease and I felt comfortable to ask him any questions that I had and as I result I have learnt a lot from our sessions and be able to translate this into my relationship. The third one is yet to come, however I have no doubts that it will be equally as spectacular! Meeting Nickolas has literally saved my marriage by initially opening myself up and helping me find my self again. Then in building my sensual confidence and sense of adventure! I cannot thank you enough and would recommend it to any married couple who are stuck! Dianne .

Jemma Second Session

I couldn’t wait to have my second session, I was feeling much more relaxed about what may unfold in my second session and I was more relaxed about letting go and really enjoying the experience and participating as I felt the need.

I was hungry to learn more. We tried a couple of new things such as ice, and I must say that it took me to a new sexual level. I was able to achieve a female ejaculation and the release was absolutely amazing. I’m still astounded at this? I’m working on a repeat experience as we speak and I’m confident that its going to happen again soon…. My relationship with my partner has moved to a new level, loves his new “late bloomer” and the emotional and sexual chemistry that we have been enjoying post my Nickolas experience is fantastic. I feel so much more confident sexually and in general, it’s an amazing investment for any woman to make for herself. I would have loved to have had the opportunity 20 years ago. I’m certainly making up for lost time now…if you are wondering whether or not to give it a go, I’d say go for it girl! You only live once. Jemma .

I had an orgasm!!!

To anyone who is interested to discover more about they own body, and to get to know their sensual preferences definitely need to try Nickolas’ services!

To anyone who is interested to discover more about they own body, and to get to know their sensual preferences definitely need to try Nickolas’ services! He possess the rare talent of understanding woman body and needs. I had absolutely benefited from my two sessions. Before my first session I did feel nervous and a bit uneasy… I had an idea what may be covered on the day, but did not expect that will be discovering that much about myself, and couldn’t do it this on my own anyway. “Homework” between sessions brought my second session to a whole new level. I had an orgasm!!! My body got awaken and it feels great to be positive, energised and whole again!!! Relationship with my partner since then tremendously improved. He loves “new” me and we enjoying our time together much more often. I feel like a woman again! Looking forward to my next session. Eleonore.


I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but when Nickolas arrived he spent the time to talk about where I was, and what might happen and I felt much more at ease.

I loved the experience, it was warm and sensual, it was the first time that a man had really taken the time to help me explore what I liked and I had an amazing experience that really increased my sexual interest as a woman. I learned about my body and diligently did my “homework” to help me heighten the satisfaction when playing on my own. Playing with my partner became a whole lot more fun after my session. I knew a few more things that I liked and I could direct the play a little more than usual, we also tried a few new things that he definitely was shocked with ( in a good way) and that he really enjoyed. We seem to be so much closer now that ever before, sexual chemistry is such a wonderful primal thing. Jemma.


Being inexperienced in exploring sexuality and sensuality, I was able to learn so many things for myself and my partner during the four-hour session with Nickolas.

At first, I was extremely nervous but by the time Nickolas arrived and we started discussing what I had wanted to work on and learn, my nerves instantly faded away as he was open, encouraging and extremely easy to get along with. I’m so happy I was able to have such an amazing night!


Hello Nickolas,

“sensual massage was the first time for me and also for my husband to arrange. he persuaded me to at least try as far as I could tolerate so we had booked the 2-hr session with Nickolas. Nickolas talked to me two days before the session and ensured I was comfortable with the upcoming experience. He explained how things would unfold and assured I would be in full control all the time.

On the day, Nickolas arrived on time, prepared everything professionally and explained to me in person on last time. Then he professionally caressed my whole body and I had my first wonderful experience in the first hour. Nickolas also involved my hubby to massage me at the same time with him and that actually turned me on big time.

Both I and my husband discovered the territory we had never experienced before and we’re grateful to Nickolas for it. We also feel closer than ever to each other after the session. Nickolas is truly a professional, a good mentor and has genuine respect for women.
I would highly recommend Nickolas to any lady/couple who’re open-minded and want to explore true potential of their sexual beings. “

Anonymous Woman

Hello ladies if you have reviewed the website and are contemplating calling Nickolas, just do it!

Afterwards I felt beautiful, sensual, radiant and glowing, like the confident woman I should always be. I realised how much I had been holding back in the past years and the massage helped to effectively realise all of the accumulated emotional and physical stress of life and to completely let go and feel an ultimate pleasure of absolute freedom! Every woman deserves to feel this good and the benefits to your life afterwards and to everyone who interacts with you are astounding. They will all sense your inner glow and love you for it! And you will continue to walk on air and have a wonderful memory! Call him, you will not regret it, I promise! Mystery Girl.


Gentleman…if you want to treat your partner to something really special, book a night with Nick.

His expertise and professional, courteous, calm and confident manner put me at ease immediately. I was particularly impressed how client-centered the approach was. It was truly an indulgence of the senses and the soul to feel such focus and attention on me. I felt pampered and comforted knowing that I was guiding his behavior with my responses. It allowed me to feel safe and confident enough to relax and completely surrender to the experience. My partner participated, following Nick’s subtle, silent guidance until I was swimming in a sea of sensual pleasures, relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Knowing that my partner’s aim was to attend to my every desire in a completely non-threatening atmosphere made it an exciting and rewarding experience for him and has served to strengthen our bond on every level. Memories of that special night will be revisited for many years to come. I highly recommend it to women wanting this experience on their own or to share with their beloved.


What strikes one immediately about Nickolas is his respect for women and his genuine enthusiasm for helping guide women towards an experience that meets their specific needs.

I felt comfortable with him from the beginning, first by phone, then at our appointment. Certainly I was interested in the g-spot orgasm, which he knows a lot about, but in general, I am on a journey to learn more about my body and how I respond. For me, an erotic massage with him was really a ‘sensation experience’ that was incredibly instructive. Because I was either face down on the massage table, or face up but blindfolded, and because I was extremely, deeply relaxed, I went completely into a quiet, internal space where sensation was allowed free reign. My emotions retreated, and while Nickolas was always very gentle and responsive to my cues, their was no sense of being beholden to a ‘relationship,’ so it was erotic without being intimate; that is to say, it was entirely about ME. I learned very quickly what I liked, and what I didn’t like (in terms of touching and sensation). I think this can be hard to do in a conventional sexual encounter, as sometimes without realizing it, one might accept certain kinds of touching (or in certain places) because we don’t want to hurt our partner’s feelings, or because we are experiencing it as part and parcel of the relationship, rather than experiencing it on its own terms. With Nickolas, I got a greater sense of what works for me and what doesn’t–and he did, too, which is so helpful in future encounters both with him, and with partners. I also had a very nice orgasm that left me numb in the arms and quite woozy for some time afterwards! The Reiki-like energy work he did post-orgasm was very calming and re-balancing as well. I was incredibly relaxed for at least two days afterwards. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or book him for a massage. Thank you Nickolas! Michelle


Wow! What an amazing experience.

I certainly won’t forget it! Thank you to my boyfriend of ten years who organised for me to enjoy an erotic massage. Something I would have never done for myself. Nickolas helped me learn things about my body that I never knew and probably would have never discovered by myself. My boyfriend was part of the whole experience. Having two pairs of hands work my body up to an entire body orgasm is indescribable. Four hours of pleasure and play. Four hours which I could live in forever. Nickolas has lit a spark deep inside me that I hope never dims. I can’t wait to book another session! Laura


I had a 4 hour session with Nickolas and it was such a wonderful relaxing experience.

I just had a 4 hour session with Nickolas and it was such a wonderful relaxing experience. being the centre of attention in such an intimate way was exactly what I needed. Nickolas is such a warm and relaxed guy that any nervousness I had just melted away. To any women who have been alone for a while I would unreservedly recommend a sensual massage with Nickolas. It made me feel like a woman again. I will definitely be making another appointment to treat myself again because I deserve it – and so do you! Lee.


“Thank you”

Nickolas for a truly amazing evening. Your natural warmth and sensitivity enabled me to relax into your healing touch in my massage for women service. This experience drawing mind, body and spirit together, allowing the evening to unfold according to my deepest needs and desires. Your support and encouragement giving me confidence to explore and claim all of who I am as a woman… For this I will be forever grateful. Again..”thank you


Everyone has physical needs. Some people accept that those needs will go unmet and others search for a way to change their circumstances. I was not happy to continue feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. I searched for possible solutions to my situation and I discovered Sensory Massage Sydney.

From the moment I booked my massage, I was put at ease. I received a call from a Massage Therapist who explained the sensual massage experience. There was understanding and empathy about my circumstances and my needs. I was given reassurance that my physical needs & desires were not just normal but quite common. I suddenly didn’t feel so strange. With prior planning over the phone, I looked forward to my upcoming session. My Massage Therapist arrived and I felt comfortable knowing my needs where his priority. I enjoyed the initial massage, which was sensual in itself and put me in a complete state of relaxation. More massage in the shower followed, which prepared me for a full, and very gratifying, physical experience. The massage went on to arouse parts of me I didn’t know were possible. The overall experience opened my eyes to possibilities and gave me hope for my own personal journey. The final segment of my massage allowed for feedback of my own experience. This was followed by discussion and suggestions to improve my situation, so that my physical needs would be met. Overall, this sensual & erotic massage has changed me, changed my perspective and has given me hope for a more sensual future. Thank You Belinda interior2


From even before my session Nickolas put me at ease – he took the time to make contact with me, explain what was involved and asking me what I wanted to get out of it.

when I arrived he had gone out of his way to make me feel at ease creating the right atmosphere. The session was amazing, he does such a good job of making you relax and let go – and for someone who really struggles with switching off and being in the moment . He really helped me. He treated me so professionally and with the utmost respect and was conscious to ask me if I was comfortable every step of the way but at the same time made me explore areas and sensations that I didn’t realize I could I would thoroughly recommend his services – he can take you on a great journey and learn how to feel good and more confident about yourself and your body Thank You Samantha

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