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Nickolas of Sensual Erotic Massage Sydney is a qualified massage therapist who has made it his life’s work assisting women and couples with intimacy and sexual awakening.

Nickolas is a robust and caring partner, a patient teacher, a well-seasoned confidant and an experienced sensual masseur awarded all the body worker certificates and qualifications for massage in Australia and for remote consultations.

By kneading pathways, coaxing open doors, tickling the interest of bubbling sense memories Nickolas and Sensual Erotic Massage Sydney has brought women and couples who visit him time and again a better understanding of that which they have always held inside themselves; happiness, potential for inner peace and change, and the infinite unexplored pathways for sexual awareness and self love.

Truly connected in the modern age while teaching the time-tested methods of touch, a deep knowledge of sexual health techniques learned over centuries and a holistic approach to body/mind/spirit synergy Nickolas gives to his clients all he knows, lives and loves.He has spent well over two decades refining techniques to meet his clients in either in-person outcall sessions or those many around the globe who avail themselves of Nickolas Intimate Coaching remotely.

Introduced to the ever-growing field of sensual erotic massage by his mentor Grant, a leading figure in sensual erotic massage, Nickolas began his own journey in healing touch with a sincere desire to help others find their way towards achieving full – emotional and erotic healing – and to experience the blissful freedom that comes with it.

Too often in life men and women both feel the possibility to change slipping by them and Nickolas has guided many a man and woman and together as a couple, to a catharsis of absolute infinite change and awareness.

Tailoring each sensual massage or coaching session for his individual client’s needs Nickolas focusing on the many issues that plaque us all. These include: &

  • Fear of, or not knowing how, to masturbate.
  • How to explore fantasy with a partner.
  • Getting to know your erogenous zones
  • Overcoming body issues.
  • Reaching full body orgasm each time alone or with a partner.

Nickolas approaches Sensual Massage as he does life in general, by immersing himself in the needs of others, by listening deeply to not only what is said but by what might be implied and by caring that every person he meets not only envisions their fullest potential but can find the freedom and safety to explore anything and everything they want in this, the only life we get! Speak to Nickolas now for a free 20 minute consultation. Feel the comfort and power of Sensual Massage, see how a session will be individualised to meet your needs, even get some of those nagging taboo questions answered as you learn how Sensual Massage can change your life forever.

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