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Sensual Bondage Play

Ever wanted to experiment with light bondage play or mild domination? Ever wanted to know what it feels like when you give up some of your responsibility for your pleasure and feel slightly vulnerable as you’re restrained.
Bondage play will let you feel many new sensations, and all in safe surroundings and under the experienced guidance of a trained therapist.

Sensual bondage play is a softer, gentler way, to experience the varied sensations and arousal of being restrained and controlled. It’s not the heavy and harsher style of BDSM or dungeon play. There’s no aggression or humiliation, and pleasure is the focus, not pain. Mild pain is used only as a contrast to increase the perception of pleasure, as is the depriving of senses with toys such as blind folds.

The sensations of being bound or restricted can’t be fully explained in words as it is both a physical and mental phenomenon. Sensations of the restraints against your skin, not having full physical movement. Deprived of sight or sound. The tingling of a light slap and blood rushing to the skin at the point of gentle pain just as a pleasurable touch is administered. Feelings of vulnerability, but at the same time freedom, as someone else is in control. It’s this mind and body experiences that makes so many people want to try it out. But where do you start?

You can experience bondage play and domination as part of the Premium Massage Experience, or the Elite 4 Hour Experience, above. Simply talk to me about what you would like to experience and I’ll ensure your requests are fulfilled. You will be totally safe and free to experiment. Learn more at

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