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Sensual Overnight Encounter for women

What’s your perfect start to a night of self-indulgent pleasure? Does it start with a good wine, polite and interesting conversation? Maybe followed by a delicious meal that arouses the hungry senses and wets the appetite for what’s to come later.

As the evening progresses you notice that you’re feeling seduced because you’re receiving just the right amount of personal attention. You’re relaxed, any concerns or nerves have drifted away. They’re being replaced with lucid thoughts of what the night will bring, and whether it will live up to your expectations. Your body language,and your words and speech,are all changing as you subconsciously start opening up.The invitation to leave the restaurant and move to a more private and intimate setting is the natural next step, and you restrain your eagerness as you graciously accept.

Whatever your perfect start to a night of pleasure is, it is only be the beginning of your premium sensual overnight encounter.

The Premium Sensual Experience

Once alone, your premium sensual experience will start to meet your every desire. The pre-encounter conversation, that you had with your therapist, allowed him to get every detail needed to plan a perfect, and satisfying night that will be remembered for pushing open your boundaries.

What will you include in this part of your perfect night? 
Aromatic candles, music chosen by you. When you picture the seen how do you see the lighting, bright so you see

every detail, or low and subdued to create an exotic mood? 
Have you thought about how you will enjoy being slowly undressed as part of the seduction? Think about it now as you imagine the feel of the first buttons popping open.

We have all night so maybe you will enjoy prolonged erotic foreplay, perhaps a deep tissue shoulder massage, and would you want to follow that with a hot steamy sponge shower to set your skin sensitivity on fire.

Is there something special to you that you want to tell me to about? That part of your body, a sensitive place, that if touched, just as you like it, opens up a warm river of rippling pleasure from head to curling toes?
The choices for your perfect night are all yours to make.

Take Time to Enjoy the Experience

All the options, for the setting, the foreplay, and the sensual massage, have the same aim. A slow starting, accelerating arousal that ends in a shaking release that’s felt throughout your whole being. I’ll pause while you take all that in. . .

Then, because you ordered the Premium Overnight Encounter, there’s time to let the mind and body relax and revive,and the sexual energies can gently subside, leaving a tingling afterglow, before the pleasures begin again.
If you want more you can see the boundless options that you can enjoy in this part of your night on the Sensual Massage page.

Soon you’re ready to start anew with new toys, more techniques, and more options that offer a slow, sensual start that again gradually builds up the momentum of your arousal. In experienced hands you’ll soon reach the heights where the next surge of hormones bursts free and comes gushing through your veins to every extremity. This continuous cycle of waves of pleasure climaxing, followed by deep relaxing, are only possible because you’ve booked the premium sensual experience of an overnight encounter. The full night, focused on your arousal and relaxation, allows you the time to experience the full range of sensations your therapist can offer.

Hungry to learn more about how your perfect night of pleasure could be, see what some of my satisfied clients have said

Time to Rest

We will be together all night, so there’s plenty of time for you to enjoy multiple highs of sensual pleasures. Of course we’ll both need some time to sleep, 5 hours is recommended to let the tingling tensions settle, taught muscles relax and recover, and the mind process the pleasure of what has happened.

You’ll wake refreshed with a warm feeling of contentment. You’ll be glowing and relaxed from the deep, intense releases experienced just a few hours earlier. No wonder so many powerful women use this service the night before an important day, imagine the glowing confidence you will project the next day.

In the morning I’ll treat you to something rather special before breakfast, but I’ll keep that a secret until we meet.

The Premium Sensual Experience

This Overnight Encounter is the premium sensual experience for you as a woman. The encounter follows a loose format that usually includes: wine, dinner, foreplay, sensual massage, rest, and breakfast. And don’t forget that special surprise in the morning. The whole plan is completely flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs, desires, and specific requirements.

To make sure your Sensual Overnight Encounter is your perfect night, the planning starts with a friendly and confidential chat that’s all about you, your needs, desires, and fantasies, and every detail of your experience to come. Start planning your perfect encounter by making the call now and I’ll answer all the questions I know you now have. +61 430 77 66 81

Does Your Perfect Night Include Your partner?

You can include your mail or female partner in you overnight encounter. Let them buy you this gift that’s like no other experience, and invite them to join you on this special night.As a therapist, I know this experience can have life long benefits for your relationship and your journey together. To talk about an overnight encounter that includes your partner contact me on or call +61 430 77 66 81

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