Sydney, Australia

Service 3hrs – 4hrs


The three-hour massage is one to experience your pleasures in a combination of sensual erotic massage and bondage or any other pleasure you would like in your session. This is a taster to get to know the delights of a sensual massage and a bondage session of erotic pleasure. I take the time to discover what you want in a pre-session phone call so that your sensual massage, bondage or any other pleasure session will be exactly as you want it to be or I can guide your session if you are unsure.

You will be slowly undressed, and experience foreplay that gets warm feelings of arousal flowing as you quickly forget the world outside. Awaken the senses before you enjoy the sensual erotic Massage Session.

The experienced hands of your sensual masseur stroke away tensions and prepare the mind and body for the sensations to follow. The different techniques quickly light up the different parts of the body, and kneading, stroking, or a sensual touch, all have the right effect.

This 3 hours of pure pleasure, with a trained therapist that knows just how to bring about the pleasures that a sensual massage can give. To book your session is easy, just call, or leave a time that’s convenient to be called +61 430 77 66 81

The 4 Hour Elite Sensual Massage Experience

Maybe it’s not convenient for you to indulge in the overnight encounter yet. Or perhaps you’ll be more comfortable, at this stage, with a slightly shorter session that still allows plenty of time to indulge in a sensual massage and all the options that can make up a perfect session.

With the 4 Hour Elite Experience, we will still have plenty of time to include all the options to make those 4 hours an infusion of ongoing pleasure. Nothing rushed, and time to take plenty of care for all your needs.

The Elite Experience You Can Expect

When we meet I will set up the room and massage table and have a brief chat about the sensual session so that we can get comfortably familiar with each other, and build the anticipation of our time together. In a safe private setting, prepared with aromas and sounds, just as you wanted, the time is all dedicated to you and exceeding your expectations.

From a relaxed start you will be expertly aroused with foreplay that is as sensual and erotic as you want it to be. A shoulder massage that frees you from tension, or that special act of foreplay that you crave to experience so much.

Then the message. It connects, arouses, and stimulates every nerve ending until you enter a timeless realm where nothing but your pleasure matters. Once you’ve explored your sexual boundaries you’ll want more, and with a 4-hour sensual massage, there’s plenty of time for you to have it. If you haven’t done so already, see a full page on the delights you could experience with a sensual massage Plan Your 4 Hour Elite Massage Now.

Just like the premium experience above, for this Elite Service, everything is chosen by a trained masseur so that every desire you have is fulfilled. The careful planning starts with a phone call where we casually chat about you, and what you want. I understand that some people are nervous about making that first call. To make it easy for you, all you need to do now is go to the contact form or call +61 430 77 66 81 and tell me when it’s convenient for me to call you.

Invite Your Partner

With 4 hours to play with, there is plenty of time for your partner, male or female, to learn and explore with you. My experience of bringing couples closer through massage therapy will have great benefits for your relationship, and your satisfaction with your life together. Talk to me about what the Elite Massage can do for couples. Contact or call +61 430 77 66 81

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