Sydney, Australia

Service 1.5hrs – 2hrs

The 1½ Hour Sensual Massage

This quick, straightforward, sensual massage gives you a great experience but doesn’t allow for the same slow, sensual arousal, or the foreplay and massage techniques, of the Premium and Elite Experiences.

It’s sensual and erotic, and it will certainly give you a fulfilling experience. If you have a certain specific technique in mind that you want to try or know you will enjoy, the 1½ hour session can be a good way to indulge in it.

It’s also a way to overcome nerves if it’s your first experience of a professional massage. It gives you a sample of what the full sessions can give you. It can put you at ease letting someone else take responsibility for your pleasure, and gets you used to the feel of someone else touching you intimately. This is especially good if you haven’t been intimate with someone for some time, and your masseur will soon put you at ease.

You can book a 1½ hour massage session by contacting me at or call +61 430 77 66 81

The 2 Hour Sensual Massage

For the busy woman, or as a taster to get to know the delights of a sensual massage, the 2 hour session gives you a quick bursts of erotic pleasure.You still choose the mood, and the setting, and I take the time to discover what you want in a pre-session phone call so that your sensual massage session will be exactly as you want it.
You can be slowly undressed, and experience foreplay that gets warm feelings of arousal flowing as you quickly forget the world outside. Take a hot erotic sponge shower to awaken the senses before you enjoy the main event, the sensual massage.

The experienced hands of your sensual masseur stroke away tensions and prepare the mind and body for the sensations to follow. The different techniques quickly light up the different parts of the body, and kneading, stroking, or a sensual touch, all have the right effect.

This is 2 hours of pure pleasure, with a trained therapist that knows just how to bring about the pleasures that a sensual massage can give. To book your session is easy, just call, or leave a time that’s convenient to be called +61 430 77 66 81

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