What’s Keeping You?

Don’t let fear keep you?

Don’t let insecurities keep you?

Don’t let low self-esteem keep you?

If you are not feeling loved then you deserve to……


Coaching is the unpacking and releasing of your toxic self beliefs  
and help you to learn not to be fearful have greater self-esteem  
and most of all self confidence self - love that you deserve


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What our clients say

As women we sometimes forget what is really important to us because we are so busy with work family and everything else that life throws our way. We get into a routine and forget about us. We forget about how we use to be sexual beings and what our body is trying to tell us. […]
I have been married 20 years. My sex life is not anything special. I wanted to get the spark back. So that’s when I read Nickolas’s web site and thought that’s what I need. I called Nickolas and spoke to him about what problems I was having and if I could get my body feeling […]
When I contacted Nickolas I was on the brink of divorce, had had virtually no intimacy with my husband for 7 years and as I result my self confidence and self esteem was at a low. I knew that I still loved my husband and felt he loved me too but somehow we could just […]
I couldn’t wait to have my second session, I was feeling much more relaxed about what may unfold in my second session and I was more relaxed about letting go and really enjoying the experience and participating as I felt the need. I was hungry to learn more. We tried a couple of new things […]
Jemma Second Session
To anyone who is interested to discover more about they own body, and to get to know their sensual preferences definitely need to try Nickolas’ services! To anyone who is interested to discover more about they own body, and to get to know their sensual preferences definitely need to try Nickolas’ services! He possess the […]
I had an orgasm!!!
I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but when Nickolas arrived he spent the time to talk about where I was, and what might happen and I felt much more at ease. I loved the experience, it was warm and sensual, it was the first time that a man had really taken the time […]
Hello ladies if you have reviewed the website and are contemplating calling Nickolas, just do it! Afterwards I felt beautiful, sensual, radiant and glowing, like the confident woman I should always be. I realised how much I had been holding back in the past years and the massage helped to effectively realise all of the […]
Anonymous Woman
Gentleman…if you want to treat your partner to something really special, book a night with Nick. His expertise and professional, courteous, calm and confident manner put me at ease immediately. I was particularly impressed how client-centered the approach was. It was truly an indulgence of the senses and the soul to feel such focus and […]
What strikes one immediately about Nickolas is his respect for women and his genuine enthusiasm for helping guide women towards an experience that meets their specific needs. I felt comfortable with him from the beginning, first by phone, then at our appointment. Certainly I was interested in the g-spot orgasm, which he knows a lot […]
Wow! What an amazing experience. I certainly won’t forget it! Thank you to my boyfriend of ten years who organised for me to enjoy an erotic massage. Something I would have never done for myself. Nickolas helped me learn things about my body that I never knew and probably would have never discovered by myself. […]
I had a 4 hour session with Nickolas and it was such a wonderful relaxing experience. I just had a 4 hour session with Nickolas and it was such a wonderful relaxing experience. being the centre of attention in such an intimate way was exactly what I needed. Nickolas is such a warm and relaxed […]
“Thank you” Nickolas for a truly amazing evening. Your natural warmth and sensitivity enabled me to relax into your healing touch. This experience drawing mind, body and spirit together, allowing the evening to unfold according to my deepest needs and desires. Your support and encouragement giving me confidence to explore and claim all of who […]
Everyone has physical needs. Some people accept that those needs will go unmet and others search for a way to change their circumstances. I was not happy to continue feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. I searched for possible solutions to my situation and I discovered Sensory Massage Sydney. From the moment I booked my massage, I […]
From even before my session Nickolas put me at ease – he took the time to make contact with me, explain what was involved and asking me what I wanted to get out of it. when I arrived he had gone out of his way to make me feel at ease creating the right atmosphere. […]

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